It is possible to make work from many sources. Drawings or paintings on textured polyester (Mylar or Truegrain separations, etc.), a collage, a transparency, CD or other artwork may form the foundation of an original print. The studio will do whatever the artist requires. Frequently the work arrives as 'an idea' and its realisation takes place in the studio, drawn directly on a plate or emerging from a process specifically developed for the project. Most artists work with us in the Studio but we can travel anywhere in the world to oversee artwork being made.

Collaborative printmaking is a highly specialised activity requiring open-mindedness from the artist and great sensitivity and empathy from the printers. While it is generally accepted that the artist is the author of the work and responsible for the image and that the printer provides technical advice and helps to realise the artist's intention, the role of each participant does not have clearly defined boundaries. Each relationship is founded on trust and a mutual dependency; each is unique. These collaborations often produce work of greater creative and technical range than the artist might produce alone and frequently take the studio into new areas. This is partly because of the considerable resources that are brought to bear on each piece and because the artist is free to concentrate solely on the business of image making. 

We offer:

  • Digital and analogue preparation of artwork
  • Computer aided design
  • Screen Printing
  • Etching
  • Photoetching / Gravure
  • Carborundum 
  • Woodcuts / Relief printing
  • Monoprinting
  • The making of cloth covered boxes and portfolios can be arranged.

Every project the studio undertakes is unique. Each produces its own sense of fun and its own challenges. As a result, the price that the studio charges varies with the work in question. Please contact us for an estimate.