Kips Studios

A short history of Kip Gresham’s studios & collaborations


1975 Kip set up the Manchester Print Workshop with fellow printmaker Steve Currie. It moved over the Irwell to The University of Salford and grew to include the lithographer Alan Whitehead, photographer Charles Meecham, etcher Stephen Baraclough and screen printers Richard Riley and Mick Robinson. 

1982 Kip left Manchester for Cambridge and set up The Chilford Hall Press, a partnership with the business entrepreneur Sam Alper. The studio made its mark immediately with many subtle works for artists including Terry Frost and Philip Sutton, David Kindersley’s ‘Twelve Alphabetik Images’, and a remarkable group of large prints for Elisabeth Frink. 

1989 The lease on the Curwen Studio’s Tottenham Court Road premises expired and the studio, with Stanley Jones, moved to join Kip in Cambridge. The amalgamation became Curwen Chilford Prints Ltd., working with artists including Eduardo Paolozzi, John Hoyland, Gillian Ayers, Michael Rothenstein, Josef Herman, Kim Lim, Patrick Procktor, Carel Weight, Prunella Clough, Paul Wunderlich, Wilhelmina Barns Graham and Albert Irvin.

1994 Kip left Curwen Chilford and set up Gresham Studio at Duxford, working with Alan Davie, John Bellany, Barry Flanagan, John Hoyland, Albert Irvin, Kim Lim, Richard Long, John McLean, David Mach, Eduardo Paolozzi and William Turnbull, Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfied, Peter Griffin, Prunella Clough, Susan Hiller, Matthew Hilton, Joseph Kosuth, Claes Oldenburg, Cornelia Parker, Alison Watt and Paul Wunderlich, Ellen Lanyon, Betye Saar, Yvonne Jacquette, Sue Coe, Elizabeth Blackadder, Paul Rego, Kiki Smith, Sandra Blow, Stephen Buckley, Jane Dickson, Anthony Frost, Antony Gormley, Anthony Green and Patrick Procktor, Peter Griffin, Bryan Pierce, Alfred Cohen, Matthew Hilton,  Trevor Sutton.

2002 The Print Studio was born.