Trevor Banthorpe has completed his second edition with us, “Drawing, Breath”.

It is an 18 colour screenprint in an edition of 30.

Following on from his previous piece, this print again explores the relationship between drawing and photographic processes. The integration of the two threads is tighter here.

The ground image, a rainy day in London, is repeated left to right with an inversion of the colour order, the left being run in CMYK and the right in KMYC. There is then an intermediate layer of semi opaque colour made from vastly enlarged half-tone dots. Over this a drawing of circular dots is laid with the half tone photographic image coming only through the drawing.

The left drawing is printed in KMYC and the right in CMYK, thus balancing out the earlier colour inversion.

It’s a complex piece and points the way towards a new vocabulary in which the autographic and photomechanical can be combined very gracefully.