Back from a week of rest in Norfolk. Fantastic weather, beautiful beaches.

The day started well…the website nears completion and should come alive later in the week. If we go offline for a day it’s for the loading of all the new stuff. You will be able to buy online and to hurtle around the site surfing on Neil Laister’s brilliant new custom software. If any of you need a web designer, contact him on

We’re preparing for the party on Saturday which, if the last few years’ events are anything to go by, will be a really good time and a chance to meet up with many old friends.

We also made Loukas Morley’s stencils this morning. His piece is a fantastic image of a flattened supermarket basket. It’s a kind of ‘drawing’ that we see all too little of…elegant, subtle and with a kind of throw-away lightness of touch. It promises to be a great print. Watch this space.

We’ve just sold a set of Michael Brick’s stunning ‘The Size of What I See’ portfolio. This is great news, it’s a publication of which we’re very proud.