Willard Boepple: Studio WIP

Kip opened up a whole world for me by layering thin colors, building up forms with layer upon layer of translucent colors that mixed, blended and built up on the page, like sorcery.
— Willard Boepple [1]

The past couple of weeks has brought into existence some new work with sculptor Willard Boepple. Building form with colour, a series of works are being made to explore perspective, space and solidity. The collaboration has covered some new ground, experimenting in approaches with line and colour gradients.

Monoprints with Willard consistently excite, toying with a dialogue between the effects of colour and depth. Entering a new phase in his process, the shards of ink laid down on paper are being accented with graphic lines. Real wonders are happening with every new day in the Studio, the monoprint process allowing immense room for experimentation. The New York-based artist is returning again in a little over a week for the collaborative work to continue.

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9.7.13, 2013

[1] Quote taken from Willards article ‘Collaborators in Toft’ included in the accompanying Catalogue for The Art of Collaboration, The Heong Gallery

Posted by Karina Sawyer